How do I download a bank statement?

For a loan application, you must also upload a full month's bank statement.

Please note: do not black out or cross out anything, we must be able to read everything. 

⇒ Or simpler: give one-time permission via iDIN to provide insight into your bank statement, safely and securely via your bank's own login method!! You don't have to download or upload anything :-)

1. Login your account at ABN AMRO.
2. Click on the account and then 'Tools'.
3. Click on 'Afschriften' and 'Fin. Jaaroverzicht'.
4. Seclect the correct settings.
5. Click on 'Afschrift overzicht selecteren' on 'Betaalrekening'.
6. Select at 'Selectie type' 'Rekeningafschrift'.
7. Click on 'OK' en scroll down to the PDF.

ASN Bank
1. Login at ASN Bank.
2. Click on the correct account number.
3. Click on 'Downloaden' and choose 'PDF'.
4. Click on 'Start downloaden'

1. Login on Mijn ING.
2. Click in menu on 'Afschriften en overzichten' (see 'Overzichten' or 'Statements').
3. Select at 'Document' - 'Afschrift Betaalrekening'. Select the correct account.
4. Select most recent statement.
5. Click on orange button and choose 'PDF downloaden'.

1. Login at Rabobank.
2. Choose in menu for 'Betalen en Sparen'.
3. Click on 'Rekeningafschriften'.
4. Select the account number.
5. Click on recent statement for downloading.

1. Login at Regiobank.
2. Choose in left menu for 'Rekeningafschrift'.
3. Choose the account.
4. Choose the period.
5. Click on Print/PDF.

SNS Bank
1. Login at SNS.
2. Go to 'Bekijk bij- en afschrijvingen'.
3. Select the period.
4. Choose 'Print pdf'.
5. Choose 'Open'.

Triodos Bank
1. Login at Triodos.
2. Go to 'Statements' and click.
3. Select recent one and save this PDF.

Van Lanschot
1. Login at Van Lanschot.
2. Click on 'Documents'.
3. Click on 'Statement'.
4. Choose for 'Export mutations'.
5. Save the PDF.