Which documents should I upload?

Which documents you need to submit as proof depends on your personal situation. But the following documents are always important:
  • Copy (or photo in jpeg/jpg format) of passport or ID card (possibly including residence permit);
  • Or a PDF of your proof of identity via the CopyID app from the government;
  • Recent (not older than 2 months) pdf of a full month's bank statement (to be uploaded via your banking environment)*;
  • Recent (not older than 2 months) pdf of your payslip from the same month;
  • No pay slip? Then another PDF of your income specification such as a benefit.
Common exceptions:
  • Is your income paid via a different bank account than your housing costs (rent or mortgage) are debited from? Then we need statements from both bank accounts from the same month (upload PDF formats).
  • Are you paid weekly? Then one pay slip will not suffice, but we will have to receive twelve (12) consecutive weeks (upload PDF formats).
  • Do you receive an irregularity allowance or a 13th month? Then we will also have to see this reflected on your pay slip.

The following applies to all these and other exceptions: you will always be informed very precisely by e-mail which documents we need from you.